Our 30 minute classes are designed to make your life better. We use cutting edge training methods in our group classes that are proven to help people be strong, and to feel great.


Join our 30-minute kettlebell classes to enhance your life. Our training programs are designed to help you get stronger and feel better, using cutting-edge methods that are proven to bring results. View our calendar to know our class schedule. We look forward to seeing you there!


At QLD Kettlebells, we’re all about lifestyle change and helping you adopt positive habits. We believe that in order for something to turn into a long-term habit; it needs to be fun, easy to do and effective. For this very reason, our training programs and kettlebell classes are designed to be just that.

If you join our group classes, you are committing to a lifetime of change. The goal is to help you become stronger, feel greater and move better today and for the rest of your life. Our expert coaches will be there to make sure that you are training effectively and safely.

Supportive Environment

We can’t stress it enough – having a great community makes training easier. Our relaxed, supportive environment puts you in a room with people who have the same goals as you. While reaching for these goals, we motivate, support and laugh (a lot!). If you’re someone who values these things while training, you’ll love it here. After all, people are five times more likely to achieve their goals in a community who are working toward the same goals. Five times!

Easy-to-do Routines

Fatigue is often not a healthy approach to training – consistency is. That’s why we ensure that our classes are easy to do and enjoyable for everyone. Our aim is for you to leave the gym feeling excellent, both physically and mentally.

Join us in our next class – we’ll have loads of fun!

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